Finding Ooanoke...

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Sep 4, 2006
From Ralph Lane's journal (1584) he details his journey on the Chowanoac (now Chowan river).

In his notes he mentions a village called the "blind Towne" called by the Chowanoacs, Ooanoke.

For the most part these "Townes" were located on or near the rivers that flowed into Albermarle Sound. From the written descriptions and the various comtemporary maps it is possible to make only an educated guess as to their locations.

As Lane's intent was to make contact with Menatonon, a weroance at the town of Chowanook (present day Winton), the area that best fits the description of a "blind Towne", and the last town mentioned before Chowanook, may of been located on present day Sarem creek near the first bend at 36° 21' 45.04" N 76° 46' 17.98" W, making it "blind" from the river....

From the Albamarle Sound, the Chowan river located along section 3

A possible Ooanoke site on Sarem Creek....