Fire Starter for a Swiss Army Knife.....


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
I Found something interesting , especially since I always have a Swiss Army Knife with me during the trips.
If you carry a Swiss Army , Pocket , Knife with a Corkscrew , Tweezers ,and Toothpick. You it can include a fire starter and have it incorporated into the knife.
The catch is that only the pocket knives which have the Toothpick and Tweezers in the handle can be switched over to an fire starter.

Tortoisegear........... Has the items.

The Firefly if a Fero rod that will fit in where the toothpick or the tweezers go. The wire stripper portion of the bottle opener can be used as a striker. Plus any other flat , sharp angled item will also work.
They say it's ... "140% stronger than typical firesteel / ferrocerium. "
The Helix Tinder for the firefly goes in the Corkscrew of the knife.
Between the two you have all that's needed to start a fire.

I got both items for my Swiss Army , Huntsman , Knife. The toothpick is replaced with the Firefly.