Fraying fabric


Jun 24, 2006
This may have been answered here before, but I have not found it.

Is there a trick to keep the freshly cut edges of fabric from fraying as I apply the epoxy?

I used a strip of fabric, when doing my butt joints and the edges kept coming undone and now I will have to sand them out. Before I start on glassing the bottom, I thought I would ask???


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yea there's not much you can do about that while applying the resin.

After the resin has cured enough to where it is tacky and doesn't have much "liquid" feel to it any more, you can take a sharp razor and trim the edge of the cloth. Then peel off that trimmed edge and and unraveled mess leaving a nice clean edge.


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Aug 28, 2003
Venus Fl.
Similar to what Matt suggested, I use one of those craft cutters that you can pick up at wally world. After the resin has kicked off pretty good I go back and trim up any frayed edges with that and they lift right out.