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G'day guys.


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G'day and thanks guys, having a few "technical" problems here atm. Soon as I work out how to share piccies on this dang tablet will do so. Chuck, the way things have been going her, i wish a roo had kidnapped me and taken me off to the outback.

Evie and I are planning (hoping) to get an outback trip in of a month or so before the next lockdawn possibly in a week or so. I have some maintenance to do to the RV before we can head off. My state is full of southern refugees who have managed to escape the extended and very hars lockdowns down there, so it could be a little problematic finding somewhere that is not too crowded. I still don't play well in crowds. Lol
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May 13, 2014
Central Kansas and Central Texas
Mick good luck with the tablet I finally mastered it. I use an app called photo and picture resizer It's a free app and easy to use if you've got enough patience. Also no naked ladies with this one! I also found that Google drive works
s good for tablet word processor.