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got a webpage goin'


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Thanks for the comments. It's a fun little trailer. Pretty slow to build and now that it's done I'm looking for a little less delayed gratification...thus the pirogue. Expect to be paddlin' before warm weather arrives. 8) :D


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
You built a Teardrop Camper that is a work of art and a crying shame to actually camp in , it should be at some art show instead of out in the wilderness with your snoring vibrating it. ( You do snore.... Don't you?)

And you are worried about building something as simple as pirogue , Are you related to Kayak Jack?

OK ..... Forget , I said that , his idea of a camper is a worn out tarp over a used sleeping bag the moths have eaten holes in. Then they had part of the tarp as desert.

The up side is that the bag has ventilation plus Jack can see some stars threw the holes in the tarp while falling asleep. :roll: