Hey, Satan.....



One day an engineer dies and finds himself in hell. The engineer wasn't a big fan of hot weather, so he decided to build himself an air conditioner. After that project was done, the engineer figured it would be nice to put a pool in too. That one took a while, but eventually that project got done too.

So God calls the devil and says..."How's hell these days?" "Not bad, actually", says the devil. " I'm heading down to the tennis court to play a few sets."

"Oh, really?" says God. "Where'd you get a tennis court?"

"Well, a few months back I got an engineer down here, and he really spruced the place up." "Really!", says God.

"After the swimming pool and waterfall went in, he went to work on a home theater and a wet bar. The bowling alley and skeet range were a nice touch.....and of course the gym, and...."

"Whoa, whoa, hold up a second!" objected God. "You can't have all that stuff in Hell! You rip all that stuff out and return it to firey pits of unceasing damnation. Right now!"

"I don't think so big G" retorted the devil.

"You return hell back to the way you found it or.....or....or else!" commanded God.

"Or else, what? Come on, what else could you posibly do to me that's worse than cursing me to an eternity of damnation down here?"

"Well. Ah, well........hmm..." After a moment, God says....."I know, I'm going to get a lawyer and sue your tail off!"

"Right..." says the devil...."and where are YOU gonna get a lawyer?" :twisted: :mrgreen: