Home Made " Trail " Butter.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Home Made Trail Butter.

I wasn't sure where to put this , Camping or Hiking or Cooking so I decided on the Recipe section. :roll:

Not much to do since the TV is all election stuff so I have been playing around on YouTube.
I stumbled on this Home Made Trail Butter video and thought what the heck , it sounds interesting and sure enough it was.
A lot of folks want to have butter with them out camping and especially Backpacking. This is a stroke of genius on how to have Home made butter and not worry about it spoiling or becoming rancid because it is fresh. "O" By the way you will also have fresh Buttermilk so if you wanted to fry up some Buttermilk Cornbread you will have fresh buttermilk as the liquid and butter to put on it after the cornbread is cooked. :D

Give it a look if you are interested.

Thank you Billy Joe Denny for this idea about the Home Made Trail Butter.