HOW has a new sponsor


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Aug 27, 2009
Balch Springs, Texas
Just got an email from Jim Dolan (Double Dip on most forums and founder of Heroes On Water) saying American Airlines has agreed to help sponsor HOW. This is BIG! These guys, and gals also, really gave their all in preserving our peace and we all owe them a big debt of gratitude. It is such a priviledge to paddle and fish with these very special people.

Here's our pre-fish of a potential cooperative site last weekend in Athens, Texas - I called this day the wooden boat curse.

It was a day of monsters and they kept jumping into my boat!

A very good day in the ole wooden Bumble Bee on a private lake in Athens.

2nd 8 pounder, 22 inches

I don't know how many fish i caught today, probably around 20. The smallest was about 3 pounds, bunches of the rest around 5 pounds average.


Sorry about the limited pics, I had to use my G1 phone and that scares me out on the water. The lake is about 50+ acres and the owner culls from the bottom. Told us to keep anything under 15 inches. I took 0 fish home :mrgreen: They raise Tilapia in 2 small ponds near by and dump them into the bigger pond every once in a while. This thing probably has a lot of 20 pounders in it. I can't wait to see some of our Gi-reens hang into some of these monsters!

BTW, since I'm new on this board, the Bumble Bee is my "built this year" 16' pirogue.