How much epoxy for an UJ Pirogue and where to buy it in UK |

How much epoxy for an UJ Pirogue and where to buy it in UK


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Sep 5, 2006
Morning All,

I'm stuck at the airport. I am due to work 7pm to 7am both Sat and Sun nights in Scotland so not exactly a pleasure trip. The only plus point is my employer is paying for Buisiness Class (I am a strictly cattle-class traveller myself) and there is free Internet access (and free beer etc) in the lounge.

So, I am looking to build an UJ pirogue kit here in the UK. I have looked at the web site and it recommends:

"(1) 1.5 gallons of epoxy, this should be enough epoxy for all gluing, filleting and epoxy coating and saturation of the fiberglass."
"(2) 1 pound of maple wood flour, this is more than enough for all gluing and filleting the seams etc."
"(3) 8 yards of our 3.25 oz. x 60" wide fiberglass cloth. This material is very light, thin and strong. We recommend glassing the entire outside and the inside bottom and 4" up the insides. With fiberglass on the inside and outside there is no need for fiberglass tape."

Does that match with other people's experiences?

I am going to use epoxy but does anyone know the best value stuff you can get in the UK? - I can't be the only limey on the forum am I?

Also I was thinking of glassing the bottom but only taping inside. I am going to use 1/4" WBP (water and boil proof exterior ply). That should be strong enough shouldn't it?

Now... about that free beer...


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida

I have no idea where you can locate the epoxy on your side of the pond but we do have some folks on here that are in your area, they might be able to help with that.

When I get the epoxy I get the three gallon batch. There is always a use for what is left over including making a 2nd boat and some accessories like paddles or removable storage boxes for inside the boat.

Glassing the outside will help protect it if you hit anything. Taping the inside and epoxy saturating it will work just fine, I have done that to a couple of them.

Can't help you on the free beer, all that is left around here are some empty cans. :p



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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
G'day SteveSteve.

Good luck mate. Remember mate, US gallons are not the same as imperial.

If you can get it, get the 4 litre packs. The stuff I like to use is International HT9000 in 4 to one mix. To do the whole boat, I would count on about 6 litres of resin and if your cloth is only a metre wide, i woud get about 12 metres.

I would recommend you get a little more than you are told you need. It wont be wasted. You can allways use it on your next boat or paddles or something.