I can't find a tent....


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or more to the point I can't find one I don't want to modify :twisted:

so before I launch into trying to modify a tent does anyone know of one that may suit??

Ok how do I camp? Car and trailer
3 young kids 2 adults (we don't like the idea of separate tents for another 4-5 years)
I like to stand when I get dressed in the morning
I am a warm weather camper but not always a fine weather one
It's a base camp, we go somewhere nice and stay there, a home from home, but lighter than a camper trailer :)

this is our current tent which only has 2 rooms

this is the one I'm looking at now

Whilst it has 3 rooms it doesn't have a bit where we can store the cooker and camp kitchen. it is heavy duty nylon and if it had an enclosed porch it would be perfect (that's the modification I'd have to make...)

another part of their range has a delux fly but not this one... :cry:

anyone else like to camp in a large tent with any ideas? anyone modified or built their own tent?



Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan

A feature I value highly is an wning/cover that extends WELL byond doors & indows. You need openings for ventilation air without rain coming in. Neither do you want rin draing off awnings on the tent or closed windows. Overhang is important.