Idiots that can not count to 10 or understand the English language.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
We have already raised a generation of idiots that can not count to 10. Form what I can ascertain the trend is continuing even today. No not us older folks the younger middle age fools who have no courtesy or consideration for others. Or they are so self centered they think the world revolves around themselves.
I wont even get on the band wagon about how they drive or park their vehicles , even in handicapped spots without the handicapped hang tag. Last one I saw doing that was driving a Wrecker and blocked 3 spaces by pulling across them.

I'm talking about the grocery stores ( Express ) 10 items or less check out lines. The sign clearly says .. " 10 items or less , no checks " Not a basket full of groceries.

I had to run to the store to get a couple if items to make a Tuna Noodle Casserole for supper tonight.
1. Egg noodles , medium size 16 oz pack.
2. A can of Tuna
3. Some Celery to dice up and put in the casserole.
( I have the Cream of Mushroom Soup , the Milk and a nice Sweet Onion to dice and add. )
Extras I will use for different meals.....................................
4. I saw some nice squash I can use for a different supper so I got 2 of them.
5. A small snack pack ( for me ) of Bumble Bee Tuna with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Basil. ( Had that on the last camping trip this month and it's a good snack with some Ritz Crackers. )
6. Then I found a pack of Boneless pork Country Style Ribs I can use for another meal.

I walk up to the front of the store and over to the check out. Just as i feared , looking over to the 10 items or less area sure as Hell there is this fool with a cart at the 10 items or less isle. Arriving at the 10 items or less isle he's emptying a cart filled to overflowing with groceries.
Ahead of him is a women who also had a over the limit amount being checked out. I stood there for a minute and then the guy gave me a sheepish look , with that I rolled my eyes , looked at his cart , turned and walked towards the self service desk.

Cutting threw the end check out line by the self service desk a guy is opening the register. I put my basket on the check out area and told him I would be his 1st customer. Then I told him it's amassing how many people can't count to 10. I got a puzzled look from him so I explained it in plain language. Some .. Ass Hole... that can't read or count or does not give a $hit is emptying has full grocery cart in the 10 items or less line. :mad:

He said he would be more then happy to help me. I could not resists the opportunity............I said it's a good thing he open up because he saved me from standing in that ( 10 items or less ) line and eventually violating the 10 item line by going threw it like everyone else does. He gave me a puzzled look , I said It's simple I have more then 10 items , especially if you count all of the noodles in this 16 ounce bag of noodles.
We had a good laugh but he could tell I was pissed. Anyway I got my complaint to the managment , he is the Manager.

In my defense they are all the same thing and in the same bag so I guess they are considered to be one item. For that reason I will continue taking them threw the 10 items or less line. Only when some Ass Hole does not have a full cart there.