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Inexpensive ( Stainless Steel ) Cooking Set.

Discussion in 'Camping' started by oldsparkey, Oct 30, 2016.

  1. grandpa paddler

    grandpa paddler Well-Known Member

    Boy, aren't we surprised by that :eek: :eek: :eek:
    You know I'm just rattlin' your cage, right, right, right?
  2. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    No metal utensils in it , just wood or plastic. I have a MSR Alpine spatula to use on non stick pans.

    This frying pan the handle folds under it and not into it that was just one of several things I liked about it.

    I was surfing the web for a long time and only located ones where the handle folded into them and then I found one that the handle folded under it. That was the one I put my name on the list for and then the folks stopped carrying them. The ones they had were a carbon copy of this one but at half the cost.

    As things worked out I managed to get this one without a penny from my pocket which is a even better price , just a few of the Cabelas points that I had saved up.
  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    After washing and drying the pan really good to get any manufacturing oils off it. I seasoned the pan with some Coconut oil , did this three times just to make sure I got it seasoned. Heated the oil to the smoking point , then let it cool down and cleaned the pan with a paper towel. Set the pan aside for a couple of days.

    Next.......Clarified Butter ( Ghee )
    I took some butter and clarified it so it can stand a higher cooking temperature since the milk solids are out of it. It's the perfect thing to use for frying if you want a good rich butter taste to your food. Plus it is idea to take camping since it will last for days. Unlike sticks of butter that need refrigeration the Ghee can be without refrigeration while you are camping. Here at the house I keep mine in the frig.

    Whipped up a couple of eggs in a bowl and added some salt and pepper.
    I put the pan on the stove , turner the burner on to medium low and let the pan warm up for a couple of minutes. ( This is the trick to help make Stainless Steel pans stick free )

    After it warmed up I dropped in about 3/4 teaspoon of the clarified butter ( Ghee ) and let it melt. Next step was to swish the Ghee around in the pan to make sure it was coated. Added the beaten eggs to the pan and let them cook.
    I could take the pan and move it and the eggs would slide around without sticking. It was like the omelet ( eggs ) was floating on air. When the sides looked cooked I flipped the omelet so the other side would get done.
    Added some good extra sharp shredded cheese to the top of the omelet while it was cooking

    When the omelet was done I held the pan over my plate and angling it to about a 45 degree angle , the omelet slid out and onto the plate. When about half of it was on the plate I moved the pan up and forward. The other half of the omelet folded over it covering the bottom half and the cheese.

    Next step was adding some Spicy Salsa to the top of the omelet and rounding up a fork. :D

    Cleaning the pan was a breeze , ran a moist paper towel around the inside after it cooled. This pan will not see any soap and water , just a re-seasoning now and then.

    Yep ...I'm Happy with it.
  4. Woodmanse

    Woodmanse New Member

    Life must have been tough!
  5. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    I have been seeing 12 inch high carbon steel skillets in Lodge cast iron displays. I would love to have one as they can be seasoned to totally non stick like the cast iron but without the weight. Problem is I have never seen anything but the 12 inchers. I want an 8 inch or 10 inch tops. Guess I'll go on line to see if they exist or not. Seems like your stainless steel one works so good I might even look at that. With the folding handle if I wanted to take it camping it would stow so much better.
  6. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    As far as weight saving and having a pan you do not have to worry about it fills the bill pretty good.

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