JEM Stripped NorthWind Coming


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Oct 19, 2008
I am getting things in order to start. I ordered some graphite and other supplies Thursday. It has been awhile since I have built, I sure hope I remember how :lol: .
I just finished reading "The Ultimate Canoe Challenge" and I am currently reading "One Incredible Journey"by Verlen Kruger. The more I read of his adventures the more it makes me look forward to building the NorthWind. Verlen must have been one amazing man to punish hisself the way he did to find out what was around the next bend.
I am going to talk TxRiverRat into paddling from Waco to Calvert for their maiden voyage, about 80+miles. Should be a lot of fun to take a long trip. Ron and I have paddled quite abit together and I have no doubt that we could/can do that is three days, but four would be a comfortable paddle.
I am going to start glueing the patterns up this week and hope to get the forms cut out by the weekend. I still do not have my new shop built yet so I guess I will have to build it under the shade tree. It will be built out of Western Red Cedar with some pine thrown in for good measure. It will be a rudder installed also.
As much as I love my Freedom I hope she is not jealous of have to share her water time with a new boat in the stable. Up until this point the Stripped Freedom has been the best boat I could hope for, But I think the NorthWind may be a better trip boat. It has been awhile coming but hopefully I will be able to start making some posts of the construction shortly.

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
Darrell, Verlen lived not far from where I live. One of his ex-wives is a friend of mine. I paddled the Grand River near us with him once, and two guys on our recent trip paddled with him a fair amount. But - hardly anybody ever paddle on expeditions with Verlen more than once.

There are reasons. He was a demanding task master on a trek.