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I just got back from a trip into the North country, visiting our son and his wife and then more family on the way home.

In a little antique place right on the Mississippi up there where your grandma could throw a rock across it I found a Coleman 426D, one of their white gas camp stoves, THREE BURNER model. The seller told me, "Gee it's in good condition, my kids only used it a couple of times, and it's not very old."

It does look good and it fired right up with the antique fuel that was in the tank. I think they stopped making these in about the mid-1960's. Interesting feature with this one is the two aluminum side shelves that clip on to the stove body. Has the usual fold out wind screens. This is not a back packing stove, but could come in handy this week if Tropical Storm Debbie comes up my driveway. Overall great stove for a slim $40!!



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Apr 5, 2007
on the bank of Trinity Bay
islandpiper said:
And, just in case you were wondering Jack, a fella can brand those 1/4" wide grill marks on his fingers with this stove just like the two-burners. Somebody told me that. I'd never be dumb enough to touch those GD hot bars. piper
I smell a good story in there. I wonder how many quarters I would have to put in to get the story out?