Just to let you Know......Disclaimer

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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Just to let you know...

Everything talked about on Old Sparkeys Forum is the opinion of the person posting that information and is to be used only as information or as a suggestion, to help you in the construction of your boat or to help increase your pleasures when out paddling and camping.

Boating - and all activities even remotely connected to it - are inherently risky. Building a boat adds to the risk, during both the building and use phases. If you decide that you can't take responsibility for what you do and whatever results afterwards, don't read anything on this forum, don't try any of these activities.

Everything read on Old Sparkeys Forum is only a suggestion, and it may or may not work. Users should always check with an expert before trying anything they learn from here or anywhere else. Our information is what we have learned from camping , paddling and even building boats and we are willing to share that information with you.

Needless to say... What we like you might not like , so the final action (decision) taken by you is your choice and yours only.

Anyone under (18?) should have a responsible adult supervise all activities.

PS. Sometimes even the folks under 80 need supervision in these matters
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