Katadyn BeFree......


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Katadyn BeFree compaired to the Sawyer Mini Filter..........

1st let me say that I just got these in the mail and have not used them, YET.. I plan on trying them this Fall when the temperatures go from Broiling and Boiling to just simmering or what we call Fall.
I got both the BeFree and the Hydrapack Seeker in the 3 liter size.

The Katakana folks have come out with a new Water filter called the BeFree and it comes with a 0.6 liter collapsible bag. They say it is 0.6 liters but really is a 0.5 liter.

Their video.....

It compared to a Sawyer.....

You can mate it up with one of the Hydrapak Seekers Ultralight Collapsible Containers in the 3 liter or 2 liter bags.

The Seekers