LA weather


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Mar 4, 2009
Have not heard from others yet. Power, water and phones down. Internet just came on. All things considered my family and I came thru doing OK.

Thanks for caring I will let you know if I hear from other members.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
After a while you sort of get use to them and they are not fun. Not much you can do but prepare , hunker down and pray for the best. Then when it's over , survey the damage and help your neighbor or anyone else that needs help. Pick up , Clean up , Repair or Rebuild and move forward. I got curious about Florida and did some checking. From 1944 to date ( 77 year span ) the state has had a total of 253 tropical or subtropical cyclones. That's Florida and our Hurricane season. ( June to November )

This mornings weather report , there is a low area they are watching down by Campeche and predicting it will move up the Mexican coast in the gulf. Then as it develops over towards Louisiana. The prediction is no Hurricane force winds but a real rain maker.