Labor Day Weekend


Sep 2, 2010
Hello everyone. This is Beekeeper's son. Met some of y'all at the rendevous. Made a couple of successful trips over the long weekend. First a fishing trip. Caught a few small White Crappie(sacaulait, white perch, specs, crappie, or whatever you want to call them)

Then made a camping trip with the family and took the boats out for a little spin. Hammocks are also a great way to burn off energy with two kids:

Made a short paddle. Funny listening to 7 year old instruct his mother on paddling. Problem is he was much better at it than her. Luckily, Mom was a quick learner.

The dog was actually in their boat too. My wife asked how the dog ended up in the boat with the inexperienced paddler. I told her because experienced paddlers knew better than to take a dog and know-it-all boy in their boat.

Here's the blue skiff with some big cypress trees:

Had a wonderful time and big Thank You to Paw Paw Beekeeper for the memories



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Mar 4, 2009
Thanks for the post. :D :D

PS; The little "know it all boy" reminds me of another boy I remember.