Lack of Communication Boss.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
This is the true story of the most recent A/C repair service saga with ARS and Home Depot that this person manage to survive............ARS are the installers and service providers for Mitsubishi Mini Split series home air conditioners that Home Depot sells.

Keep this in mind ........24/7 emergency repair service ?

A brief unit history.
This a/c unit was installed on 02-19-19 by ARS . This coolant leak was discovered on 8-23-19. ( 6 months and 4 days ) It has a 5 year warranty. No idea when the coolant leak actually started. Checking the unit on Saturday showed the leak is between two fittings where they were installed. The soapy water bubbled quite nicely. not a good thing if you want to keep the coolant in the system .

Thursday 8-23-29
Noticed during the afternoon that the a/c unit would not cool. I called ARS / Home Depot and they advised a technician would be out Friday between 2 and 4 PM.

Friday , 8-24-19
The technician never arrived between 2 and 4 PM ,so I called at 8 PM and advised them of the failure to show. I was told that one would be here between 8 and 12 the next day , Saturday.

Saturday 8-25-19
Mid morning two technicians arrived and checked the unit. It has a coolant leak and was advised they could ***not repair it and I would have to wait till Monday for someone to fix it.
They called it in and told me that on Monday between 8 to 12 a technician would be here.
( *** they only do commercial units and did not have the tool to fix the coolant leak on a Mini Split unit )

Sunday 8-26-19
A day with NO REPAIRS being done even with ARS advertises 24/7 emergency repair service.

Monday 8-27-19
8 to12 AM arrived and left with no one showed up, 1:10 pm I called and managed to contact the instillation manager , he advised there was a technician doing an install in my area and he would have him come by and fix the leak between 2 and 4 pm.
4:30 I called Home Depot and they transferred me to the ARS dispatcher. She stated that the work order was sent to the technician and that he would be at my home to fix the leak. You guessed it .. NO ONE SHOWED UP.

Tuesday 8-27-19
7:03 AM , I called home depot and they could not advise and service time and would call me a few minutes after 8:00 with that information.
8:35 I called the complaint section and was transferred to the service dept. I was advised that a service technician was being contacted and that he would be at my home in the morning , no time frame.

Tuesday.. 10:30 Two technicians arrived and in 30 minutes the repair was done and cold air flowing from the ac unit. There was a split in the one coupling at the base unit causing a slow leak.
I found out that the technician was sick yesterday and he is the technician who does the repairs.
Also the work orders are prepared and they pick them up in the mornings when reporting to work.

In summery.
Thursday 8-23-19 ..Called and received a repair date and time
Friday ,8-24-19 .. Promised a repair , none done
Saturday, 8-25-19... Two technicians with out the proper tools.
Sunday, 8-26-19... A day without servicing.
Monday, 8-27-19.. More promises and no repairs.
Tuesday 8-28-19. 10:30 , 30 minute repair done.
Arrived 10:30 checked the unit , secured the proper tools , fixed it , packed back up and left the property 11;10 , basically a 30 minute repair.

I see the main problem as the same one Paul Newman had in Cool Hand Luck..... " What we have here Boss is a lack of communication." Especially between the service center and the customer. If it's going to be 2 or 3 days tell me , don't lie and drag out the expectation and hopes of having the AC unit being fixed from day to day.

On the other hand some of the communication might of be on my part even if I was unawear of it. Saturday the two technicians advised I should of said it was a Mitsubishi Mini split series that needed the service. They only work on commercial units and not the Mini series.
In my defense , Three items.
1....I know absolutely nothing about all the different AC units and who fixes what. Now I do.
2...The failure of a simple mechanical fitting should be nothing more then that.
3....On the work order was the fact I am a heart patient ( not sure if age was listed ). Considering that then why isn't ( or is it ) the make and model of the AC unit also listed on it. That would determine who would be sent to fix it.


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Jul 17, 2012
It seems to be getting like this everywhere for most everything. If you can't fix it yourself, your at their mercy. Office service staff don't have a clue. They just tell you what you want to hear. Growing up in Delaware, my dad had a diesel injection shop and we also worked on cars, trucks and tractors. We worked nights and weekends to get things running for customers. If we were waiting for parts we told the customer and would let them know when we got them and how long it would take. We gave a crap about service. Good luck finding that now. It just irks me. Dave.
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