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Lake Ouchita in the fall

Discussion in 'Paddling Rivers in Your Area or State for everyone' started by FloatingBear, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. FloatingBear

    FloatingBear Well-Known Member

    This lake is 45 minutes from my home and is a wonderful place to just paddle and relax. We have almost 1000 miles of shoreline on this 30ish mile long lake in West Central Arkansas. We have guided Bald Eagle tours from the State Park in the fall and winter and there are numerous campgrounds and remote camping areas around the lake. The lake is surrounded by National Forest. Check it out on Google and Google Maps. I personally can't get enough of this lake. In the fall when the ducks are migrating it is breathtaking.

    OK so it's not a river. But it is great paddeling especially in the cooler months when the power boat traffic slows down.

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