Laker's First Blood


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
G'day guys,

Dropped Robin off at the hairdressers in Hervey Bay this morning and seeing as she was going to be there for about 3 hours :shock: decided to do a spot of fishing while I was waiting. :p

I called in to a local tackle store and bout some soft plastics from the bargain bin :D Still trying to learn these bloody things. and headed to the beach. Wind was blowing 20 to 25 knots from the SE and it was pretty choppy out front so I went to a little sheltered beach behind a north facing headland and put in there.

Paddled out round the headland and into the wind and chop throwing hard-bodies all over the place for zip and in desperation, changed the these little rubbery Atomic thingamajigs. First cast - first blood :D a little reef cod. :D

Let him go, grub still looked OK so another cast and moments later, I was on again. :shock: :D This was a much better fish and I was fishing way too light, (4lb braid) for these reefy and coral conditions. After about 10 minutes this one came to boat. :D A dusky flathead, and at 68cms or 26 3/4 inches, is my PB lizard from a yak. :D

After getting repeatedly smashed on my light gear, I gave the fishing away and went and played in some waves for a while. I had enough fish in the cooler for a couple of very good feeds and plan on re-visiting this little corner often in the future. There are some serious reef fish there, within a few hundred yards of the put in and all the stink boats just go right on past them.

Laker performed flawlessly again and is a great boat to fish from. She is rapidly becoming my boat of choice for these short little trips.

A couple of piccies of the general area - Point Vernon. :D The last undevellopped beach side area of Hervey Bay town. Bloody high rises, condos, & resorts are going up everywhere else.

I remember when all of Hervey Bay beach front was like this.

Oh yeah,

Friend Bear, a landscape, just for you. :D ... 40x480.jpg


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Mick, you are having WAY TOO MUCH about if you swing over here and run my shop for a couple of weeks and I'll come to your end of the world, chauffeur Robin around and fish in all your favorite rivers. Leave the keys to the truck where I can find 'em, ok? Thanks, Piper