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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Spring is coming around the corner and a persons thoughts might be of camping.
If you like to have a soft glow lantern in camp the LuminAid PackLite Max USP Solar Inflatable Waterproof Lantern might be a good choice for you or at lease one to consider.

I Picked one up this week and gave it a try.

Some advantages of it.
1. It collapsible.
2. Packs up 1 inch by 6 inches.
3. No battery's required.
4. It comes with a rechargeable battery
5. Can be recharged by Solar Power or USP.
6. Extremity light weigh.
7. Has a charging indicator light.
8. Has a power display with 4 green lights showing the battery's condition.
9. Waterproof and it floats.
10. Top power 150 lumens for the $29.99 one and graduating to less depending on the adjustment you set it at.

They offer several different lanterns with different functions even including one that will recharge a phone. This is one camping item I will use and do not have to carry extra battery's for it.

Check them out ....... LuminAidPackLight