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My Finished Boat

Discussion in 'Pirogues' started by Hydrophillic, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Hydrophillic

    Hydrophillic Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all the help here. She is finally done. I call her a Glade-rogue- an adaption of the classic Glen Simmons Glades Skiff as explained in "Gladesman" and the tried and true pirogue.



  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Ya dunn gud! May I ask, what do you call that design of a boat?
  3. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    :) :) :)
    Very clean and neat work. Nice. Good job.

  4. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    That is one sharp looking boat and I bet you will have a lot of fun with it.

  5. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    I'm envious of him standing and paddling - I'd be fishbait in 2 seconds if I stood up in it.

    I'll bet the Inuits never envisioned their paddles being used in that fashion. It's a good paddle for his uses. He can swap sides very quickly while standing, handy for paddling seated, and makes a nice prop for a rain fly - an all around good paddling/camping tool.
  6. Hydrophillic

    Hydrophillic Well-Known Member

    I love my Greenland paddle. I built it out of a piece 2x4 of cedar. It may not clear as much water as the traditional kayak paddle but I never get sore and I can paddle all day. The added bonus it can be used a stand up paddle, push pole or gator whacker(not proven yet). I hope to slime it tomorrow.
  7. jpsaxnc

    jpsaxnc Active Member

    Finished boat looks good. What's the length and width? I like that style of Greenland paddle to, short enough to be usable in tight places.

    BEARS BUDDY Well-Known Member

    Nice work!
  9. Hydrophillic

    Hydrophillic Well-Known Member

    She is 14ft. long and 24" at the chine and 34" at inwale. I will be adding another thwart or rib up forward to stiffen her up. Oh if any body needs aluminum thwart material try your local chainsaw shop. The Stihl pole saws are always getting bent and the aluminum tube they are made from make great thwarts. You could even use a weedeater shaft. Make sure you heat it up before flattening( Don't ask me how I know this).
  10. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    What kind of plywood, frame wood? The boat looks "light". Do you know the weight?

  11. Phishtech

    Phishtech Active Member

    This is what Hydro sent me in a PM just now about his finished boat. Don't know if I'll offend him by posting this, but he seems like a fine fella so I hope I don't hurt his feeling.

    From: Hydrophillic
    To: Phishtech

    Sorry for the delay, I just saw your message. Their are no plans for her yet. I did all off the top of my head. She weighs around 45lbs. I need to add a thwart or rib up forward for a foot rest and strength. The stern is 20" at inwale and 12" at chine. I took 5mm luan ripped down to 9" butt joined with fiberglass cut to length(14'). I then laid the sides flat on my build table, applied cedar 1x2's (lowes) to sides using pl premium(now I like sika construction adhesive) and weighted with bricks. I made sure to plane the ends of the 1x2's to 11.5 degrees with block plane, constructed the stern plate, attached center former,attached stern, bent bow around and glued, traced bottom out,cut and attached, used construction sealant for filets,made thwarts,removed former, epoxied inside and outside, primed and painted. The next one should go faster now that I have worked out the construction details. I will post pictures of this next build.
  12. Hydrophillic

    Hydrophillic Well-Known Member

    That's cool. I don't mind a bit. I should have included the details earlier.
  13. FrankAS

    FrankAS Member

    How long is your paddle, I am 5'8" the boat I plan to build is 15 1/2 to 16' about 30" +/- a little,how long would you suggest?
  14. texastom

    texastom Well-Known Member

    Looks fast standing still. Nice job.
  15. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Back on the Greenland paddle for a minute. If you "harden" the tips, you could use it for poling too. May not be as handy as some poles, but could easily align the blade streamlined sideways when Poling upstream, and rotate 90 degrees to take a paddle stroke or two when poling along and you encounter a deep spot.

    Hardening could be tips of epoxy, molded onto the ends? Maybe cut a notch or two into an existing tip to better anchor the pour?
  16. jdupre'

    jdupre' Well-Known Member

    I love the shape, Hydro. How does the square stern affect the paddling? It looks to be almost out of the water when trimmed out, which is a good thing.

  17. coast

    coast Member

  18. coast

    coast Member

    I do not know the distance from the bow to the center thwart. But the drawing above might be close to what is needed to build the boat.

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