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my trailer set up part one

Discussion in 'Kayak' started by woodenyouknow, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. woodenyouknow

    woodenyouknow Member

    Hi this is only my third post on this forum ,and one of my posts generated a bit of interest.so i wil ltry to post some pics as pictures are better a thousand words.
    I originally started with my yak on top of my cherokee jeep ,but having a bad shoulder it spent more time in the shed than on the water.So bought a diy trailer pack from a company here in australia
    called" Repco auto parts"I put together and the only major change was i installed a longer draw pole.From there i just preened it to suit my needs and my disability.Hope the pics are small enough.

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  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    G'day, WYK. I like your thinking here. I do have a couple of questions; I may want to do something like this one day and could lean on your experience.
    What material did you use for the boat frames, the dark blue stuff?
    And, on your frame for the single boat, why did you leave on material full width of the trailer? Do you mount other gear on those wide shoulders of the frames?

    Your block & tackle to lift and hang the boat overhead is exactly like mine in my garage. I use "belly bands" around the boats, and enough pulleys to give me a 2:1 ratio on lift. That's about enough to overcome system friction.
    I like your well-equipped shop with lots of electrical outlets, good thinking.
  3. woodenyouknow

    woodenyouknow Member

    Hi K.J.thanks for your interest.
    The frames are made out of structural board which is a water resistant material so i flooded it with blue paint for extra water proofing ,the sides on the single were left on only for added strength as the steel tube
    used is a light gauge material.when the yak is in a snug position it cannot go forward or backwards and tie down straps mainly are to stop any bounce movement. the following pics are of the three easy steps for loading and unloading I have since fitted a solid board as a trailer cover which i use for a cook top when i go camping.Although the trailer is small i can still get all my camp gear in under cover
    regards Cridgie (down under)

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  4. mosportsmen

    mosportsmen Well-Known Member

    Love the "convertable to a double" part. I am always trying to figure out how I can get more than one uses out of equipment. Custom

  5. hairymick01

    hairymick01 Well-Known Member

    G'day Cridjie.

    Mate its good to see you over here. I have been thinking of doing something similar on my camper trailer and you have given me some very good food for thought.

    Bloody nice job mate.
  6. I wish I could have one like this

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