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  1. hairymick01

    hairymick01 Well-Known Member

  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    I'm interested in how it works out for you.
  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member


    At looks like a modern twist to the old fashion Dutch Oven. Those are some fine ovens to cook in when you are out camping.
  4. hairymick01

    hairymick01 Well-Known Member

    G,day Chuck,

    We have the cast iron camp ovens. I think they are identical to what you call dutch ovens. A couple of 4.5 quart ones and a 9 quart one. The trouble with them is that they are heavy and fragile. The beauty of the Bedourie ovens is that they are spun, high carbon steel, hence much lighter and more durable. A different cooking concept but just as effective as cast iron and much less weight. We are pulling a 3 ton caravan now and every little weight saving helps.
  5. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Wow! You and Evie have graduated up from a simple rig to a super rig.

    Your new pans may not be as non-stick as real cast iron. Steel frying pans often require more finesse than cast iron. I never bothered to develope that much skill, so must continue to use cast iron. Your lighter weight pots will be a welcome part of your gear.

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