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Geez Ron, that is a sensational looking trailer. We call them caravans and they are more a way of life here for retired folk :mrgreen: I thought we were the only ones here who chose to travel and "camp" hardly the right word is it? in this manner.

If you are interested, will do some trip reports of our travels in our little caravan. Its not as flash as yours but it suits us well enough.

Have you thought about power generation?. We use solar panels a lot and only rely on a generator to run power tools or to charge the battery bank in inclement weather.

tx river rat

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Feb 23, 2007
Waco Tx
This trailer was pre wired for solar, there is a plug on the outside that you can plug straight into a solar panel, Most folks use a suitcase model ,I have a 100 watt renogy panel I use.
I do have a gen set that doesnt get used much ,3200 watt ,it is extra security for the oxygen generators that Sondra uses . I have both 12 volt and 110 ox generators so we can go a long time self sufficient, 30 gallon fresh water ,grey and black tanks.
I have taken 2 trips so far and if anyone is interested I will do a write up.
Hairy pleas do post your write ups on your camping or let me know where to go look for them I am very interested and would consideer it a personal favor if you would post them.
G'day Ron,

Our caravan came with a 60 watt panel mounted on the roof, hotwired to the battery bank. We also have a couple of 120 watt suitcase panel sets that we connect to the same battery bank via an external connection. We are still working out what we need. All of our camping is free range now. We much prefer to free camp in the bush and can do so indefinitely as long as we have access to drinking water. We spent six weeks here earlier this year. New England in New South Wales.

We don't have inside toilet or bathroom in our van but erect a couple of those pop up ensuite tent things for a chemical toilet and shower. We carry 120 litres of drinking water and don't have black or grey water tanks. We empty the toilet cassette at dump points and let the grey water run on the ground. More times than not. Where the grey water runs is the only green patch for miles .