No fishing partner?


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Oct 23, 2007
Ozark Mo.
Can you imagine a bunch of geezers paddling though that? You definitely would be in harms way. Riled up fly fisherman are not very humorous.


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Aug 26, 2003
I'm sitting here on this cold March morning with snow on the the way again. So, I watch the Outdoor and ESPN channels for fishing shows. I could never understand Bass Tournaments. High Power boats ripping up a lake to get from one spot to another. Sometimes a dozen power boats in a half mile circle.
I consider being on the water as relaxing and a place to enjoy nature in a calm setting. My brother in law from WV and my nephew get into these tournaments and have invited me along. NO WAY for this kid!!!
On the other hand they can't understand why I love canoeing quietly down a river so much and camping along it's quiet shore. Not much different than the trout season opener...
Fishing Tournaments :x