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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
No matter how well you try to stay safe , Chit Happens..............

The wife and I have been going to a Chiropractor for lower back problems. He does a wonderful job and has keep us feeling good for a lot of years.
To regress..... About 30 years ago I had some really bad back problems so I visited our family physician. He put me on mussel relaxants and for all that they did I could of been taking M&M's. Finally I gave up and visited the chiropractor out of desperation. After that 1st visit I felt better and then with the 3rd one I was back in shape without any problems.

So every time I would get a back ache I'd call and get a appointment. Might be a month or even a couple of years in between but I always got a appointment and back to normal.

Lately my lower back has been giving me fits so it's into him to get back in shape. Same with the wife , back surgery and problems and really no relief , so finally she went to him and is getting better.

Last week she had a Wednesday appointment , Myself last Thursday.
Today ( Saturday ) we get a call from him. A patient of his gave him and the receptionist the virus , both have tested positive for it.
SO..... Out of caution and the abundance of prevention the wife and I have imposed a self quarantine upon ourselves. If anything out of the normal comes up then in for testing. If not then in for testing at the end of a 8-10 day limit since the incubation period is a couple of days to a week. The ounce of prevention beats a pond of cure.

Meanwhile it's calling other doctors and rescheduling appointments. Everything up to Dec 5 will be cancelled.
asked him how it was for him and he said like the normal flu. He also said that the Doc told him a lot of folks have it but don't know it because of light symptoms.
Even without a indicator since we know that we have been exposed to it. That's one reason for the testing even if nothing indicates we might have it.
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Jun 29, 2009
Best wishes for a negative test result!

My 90 year old mother who is in a nursing home tested positive a couple of weeks ago. She had no symptoms but they moved her to the Covid ward anyway. She never had any symptoms and now tests negative. So, they moved her to the ward where the positive/now negative folks go. I have no idea what happens after that.

If you noticed, about a week ago Elon Musk took four identical tests on the same day and got two positive results and two negative results. I have no faith in the accuracy of the tests.


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Jul 29, 2013
Good luck Mike. My 83 YO Mom got moved out of her memory care facility to a hospital, then a skilled nursing facility after her normal home had a rash of positives. She never tested poitive though and is now back home. Took about a week for them to get the home under control.