North Florida and South Georgia


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May 31, 2012
Jacksonville, Fl.
Hi Folks,

We've racked up quite a few trips around here and thought posting them may be helpful to someone. Most of the time we follow 'urban' creeks and rivers inland getting as close to the source as we can, but there are several popular destinations in the list as well. I've noticed how few reports there are for the less popular waterways, I guess the folks who do them like the low profile and solitude. There has been lots of trips when we had to wonder where everyone is, most of these are easily accessible and close to a real road.

So in case there are others like us in the area who like to do a bit of research before dipping the sticks here's a link to our travels: I would recommend the map on the home page for navigating the site, some trips don't show up on the list. There has only been one trip we've done that we regretted and it's not listed. Momma said 'if you can't say anything good just keep your mouth shut.' I will say that if you paddle the Arlington River/mouth of Pottsburg Creek it's a good idea to keep your vest on and wear bright colors.