Northern Ontario

hello All....
My brother is a chef at a fishing resort in Northern Ontario. The season came to an end and I went to pick him up and do a bit of fishing.
Weather was cold and windy but didn't stop us at all. Started our mornings while still dark casting for the elusive musky. Brought 1 to the surface the whole weekend. A musky was not to be caught by me this weekend although I feel like I put in the required 10,000 casts.
We would then go catch a shore lunch of walleye and sauger. They were hard to find at first but once we did the action was non stop. The river has a slot size and many had to go back

Then into the shallows for some crazy top water pike action. I mean crazy too, it was like they hadn't eaten in a month. My bro and I laughed allot I can tell you that, it almost got tiring catching so many pike, this one was pretty much average size

All in all a great trip. No muskies this time but there's always next year.


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Mar 4, 2009
Refreshing pictures. High of 92, with heat index of 106 for South Louisiana today. We have been sawing and stacking 1"x12" green pine boards. Bet you were more comfortable and had more fun. Thanks for posting.



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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
beekeeper said:
Refreshing pictures. High of 92, with heat index of 106 for South Louisiana today.

Same over and down here , we are in July weather and he is in cool temps , bundled up like Santa , fishing and shore lunches of Walleyes , there just is no Justice in this world. :roll:
"O" Well if someone has to weather all that nice weather and shore lunches why not Bellybuster and his brother. :D

Wannabe said:
It probally won't be long before those two will will be having to chop a hole in the ice to have a shoreside lunch. But we wont. :mrgreen:
the time waiting between soft water and hard water fishing is brutal. Too cold to be on the water but not cold enuff to be on the ice. I probably get in more fishing in the winter than I do in the summer

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
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In late summer of '45, I saw a guy walking, carrying a musky. I knew at the time it was a big fish, but I didn't realize how big. He had his hand in its gills, carrying it draped back over his shoulder, and the tail was dragging the ground behind him.