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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
I got this by email and thought I would pass it on.....................
Hi, I'm Oprah. I'm the spokesperson for Weight Watchers but can't control my weight.

I tell you how to run your marriage but I can't commit to marriage.

I tell you how to raise your kids but I don’t have any.

I am very spiritual, but don’t go to any church or identify as Christian.

Even though I knew about Weinstein and the casting couch, I was silent, but I support the Me Too movement.

I am racist to the core, but blacks can’t really be racist, so that doesn’t count. I’m black and female, so I check all the boxes.

I praised Denmark for their Socialism, though I am a billionaire due to Capitalism, the economic system that allowed a dirt-poor child from Mississippi to rise to world-renowned fame and wealth.

The first time I openly endorsed a presidential candidate it was a black one, Obama. Before a black candidate, I was not political.

Vote for me, and I will give you transformational change, the kind you got from Obama."