Paddle #1 underway

a Bald Cypress

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May 7, 2007
Northwest Louisiana

Just for the inquisitive amoungst us, could you give the dementions ?

Am interested in paddle width handle diameter shaft length that sort of thing.

Need to see if it is worth sending my address so it could be tested prior to delivery.

ALso, what were the demensions of the board prior to starting to carve on it ?

Nice looking piece of wood ya got there.

I agree that a soaker coat of thinned epoxy, a bit of light sanding and then some varnish would do wonders for the blade.

For the handle and shaft, I would use some type of oil. [Easier on the hands]

PS. When you are not doing anything next week, a paddle that is 60 inches long would fit me just right :wink:


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Ok.........let's see now......
Am interested in paddle width (5 1/2 tapering to 4 1/2) handle diameter (oval 1 1/2 x 1)shaft length( top of knob to lower hand grip area 26) that sort of thing.

Also, what were the dimensions of the board prior to starting to carve on it ? (5 3/4 x 1 3/4" 7 feet long)

Overall length: 52" length of blade from tip to the "corners" 20"

Sure, send your address, and PM me your credit card number :eek: :eek: :eek:

Overall , this took about three hours to do. If I'd have known they went this fast I'd be a paddle maker not a violinmaker!! Just a note: If you look at the spelling in your original post for DEMENTIONS.....does that suggest that there may be some DEMENTIA here?



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# 1.if you are going to hang it on the wall, use varnish or epoxy
# 2. if your going to cook with it, use mineral oil ( no spanish cedar)
# 3. if your going to geezer paddle, use anything
# 4. if your going to paddle for real, use boiled linseed oil (no blisters)
# 5. if your going to abuse it, use plastic
i got you in the ball park, go for it. and you have my address already. later keith


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Last night my son put the paddle into the girlfriend's canoe and called her over to his place. He told her that there was something strange in her boat and she was going to have to come over and get it out.

Well, she did.......and loved the new paddle. It is the right length, and even the grip is the right size......she is very happy!!

Whew!! Piper