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Part 4 ...Winter nights & Summer heat ..by Swampy

Discussion in 'True Stories, Tall Tales & B.S' started by oldsparkey, Jan 4, 2004.

  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Posted: Sun Jan 04, 2004 5:02 pm Post subject: Winter nights and summer heat chapter FOUR


    Chapter four At the campfires down in the creek

    Darkness had already begun to deepen the skies in the east. The tents
    and several small log lean-to's were covered in snow. The winds had
    diminished somewhat and that was good news to all there. Their bellies
    were now full from elk and bear that had been brought in earlier by the
    two hunters. All were gracious for that meal. Birch Bark had cooked it
    up and Kahuna had added a hot sauce to douse the meat steaks. Mugs of
    some of John Dep's Indian "trading goods" was lifted in thanks to the
    hunters. They lifted theirs and a song began by Birch Bark. Meriwether
    called the group to attention.

    "Gentlemen," he yelled and then looked at Birch Bark and added,"
    present company excepted." Jack nodded in agreement and then spat his
    plug on Meriwether's boots.

    Meriwether looked down at his boots with disgust and continued, "We are
    nearing the departure of this company into the wilds. I have gone before
    but without the convenience of a gifted crew such as we have assembled
    here before me now. There are men who will hunt and fish for us; some
    are experts in boat building and paddling; some can build and set up
    houses; some will have trinkets and drink for the Indian trade; some
    will be able to fight for us; and all will have the chance to help move
    America forward into the next century!"

    No one even looked up... this troubled Meriwether and after a moment's
    thought added, "And all the Scotch and wine without metal caps!" The
    crowd roared with enthusiasm. Several gun shots where heard in

    "Calm down men," he went on," Don't celebrate before we even begin. The
    winter should lose its grip very soon. Spring water runs shall be high.
    We have many obstacles to overcome. This time I hope to have enough food
    and drink to carry us forwards through out the trip. all of you are
    expected to help each other. No man is unto himself." Meriwether heard a
    grunt from Burch Bark, but he went on," You shall gather fame and
    fortune unto yourselves. Ideas have already been discussed for new ways
    to attempt certain objectives and new ideas on camping gear. Each will
    find some ideas to bring forth for all of us to share. Are you ready?"

    nothing heard...

    Meriwether looked down and looked about him. All the men had sagged
    into a stupor! All except John Dep who was sitting down and tilting in
    all four corners of the compass. Walking over to him and tapping his
    coat, John looked up with glazed eyes. "Tis the drink, Sire." And off he
    slid into nothingness. Meriwether would have to speak to John in the
    morning about his "trade beverage" and its strength.

    One of the men began to arose from numbness. Oldyaker was trying to
    stand up, but more looking like a new fawn trying to stand for the first
    time. Once up and standing with legs in exaggeration from normal stance.
    Once steadied he began to speak in a garbled noise," Where's th' resh of

    Meriwether looked hopeless at the man. Where was the man from the cold
    east that could whip ten Indians with one hand tied behind him? Now this
    apparition before him looked to have been beaten with a tomahawk war
    club. Dep's drink had to thinned . No doubts of that. Turning about he
    was startled to see Jack and Chuck standing and brushing snow off their
    pants. Bear had come back from the outhouse where he had been for a
    spell. "I told those boys that any drink with a metal cap would prove
    unwise to their health!" The rest nodded to the affirmative with that
    remark." Let's smoke one," said Chuck. Pipes, cigars and a bite of plug
    were taken. After some thirty minutes the whole crowd awoke from their
    stupor. "Now shall we continue?" asked Meriwether.

    "As I was saying, the spring time is very near, we can find ourselves
    further into the wilds from here tomorrow night if we start off in the
    morning. It is imperative that we are all ready by mid-night. All horses
    and mules packed." "Aye major!" cried Uphill aloud."Good. Then let us
    make piece with our Maker and get a nights rest before we start off at
    six in the morning."

    "Major!" called Floatfur. "Yes?" "What are we to find in the
    wilderness?" Whispering among the men hushed now. All had asked this in
    camp last week when it was thought that there wasn't much left to find
    in the new western territories. They awaited Meriwether's answer. "Aw my
    brethren there is indeed much to find out there ( pointing to the forest
    beyond). Things that no man has ever seen except the primitives out
    there. There is gold, and furs. There is passages not know for the white
    man to travel to the ocean beyond. What your wants are may very well be
    out there!" And he jerked his arm again to the vast forest beyond. The
    men knew better. The major had slipped around the question again. They
    stared at the major.

    Meriwether knew the cue to move along had come. He turned and shouted
    behind him," Be ready at six!" He then stopped after he thought of
    something. "Where's Wallace?" "I haven't seen him sire," said Floatfur
    the mule smith. "Nay, I either," said Uphill the other mule skinner of
    the company.

    Pee Roe stated that the guide , Wallace, was on his way from St Louie
    and had sent runners ahead to tell them of his march from the east had
    been delayed due to Indians who had cut down trees to confuse him and
    his knowledge of the path. He'd follow the messengers to get here.
    Sounded like a plan to Meriwether. With that he turned and headed to the

    What instructions?

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  2. Kahuna

    Kahuna Well-Known Member

    OH GOSH!!
    I never got to read this!
    Where is the whole series posted!!

  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

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