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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder

One of our airgunnin' pals jest got a email frum a petaphile. He took the time ta write back. Reminds me of the Tree Lady who used ta give Ole Allen such a hard time.

Hello Star,

You wrote "my friend told me about rockchucks - little rodents who suposedly throw rocks at unsuspecting campers, hence their name".....

If you believe such a statement, you are a very gullible person who has, apparently, spent very little time outdoors in nature.

You also wrote "What did you do to them, anyway? I mean, I can understand killing deer and ducks, if you eat it. But what the hell can you do with squarrels and wood chucks? Hang them on the wall?"

Yes, Star, people do eat squirrels and woodchucks, as well as deer and ducks. Again, your education and knowledge of the outdoors is extremely limited from what I can tell, based on your letter to me. By the way, so is your ability to spell correctly.

You wrote - "What if I just happened to hunt you down, kill you, and take a picture of you next to my gun along with a grusome detailed account of your death for you family and any other unfortunate or sick person who stumbled upon you website?"

Well, Star, if you hunted me down and killed me, then that would be murder. I don't hunt my own species, and neither should you. However, it is certainly okay to hunt species not my own, either for sustenance or pleasure.......and for your information, I do eat the majority of what I hunt and shoot.

If you took a picture of me next to the gun you used to kill me, that would be called EVIDENCE that would be used at your trial to put you away for a long time. As for the families of the animals I hunt stumbling across my many rodents, deer, etc. do you know that have internet access? Hmmm? Perhaps.....none? That's because they are animals, not people. You seem to have very little grasp of the difference between the two.

You wrote - "You're very lucky you didn't post you adress on you stupid website or I just might've had to do that."

Star....take a closer look at my website and you'll see a link called "What do I do?" Click on it, it will take you to my workplace. The address is there for all to see, and I'm pretty easy to find. Again, check your's wrong again.

You wrote - "And you couldn't just leave it at that, could you? No, then you had to go involving inocent little children!Brainwashing them, traing them for their future lives of killingcute little inocent animals and taking picturesof there carcasses."

None of my three children are forced to hunt.....they ask to go along. As a good father who cares about his children growing up with a realistic view of the world (unlike your own), I allow them to come on hunts, to understand the difference between life and death, to realize that using a weapon has consequences and that they should be careful. Brainwashing? Surely you have led an extremely sheltered life that has never been out in the woods to see the cycle of life played out before them. Perhaps you would think differently were you to join an organization such as 4-H, FFA, or other realistic groups of people who know about life, the outdoors, and who don't go around trying to convince persons such as yourself that rockchucks are rodents that throw rocks at unsuspecting campers.




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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida

What would you expect from someone named STAR, they are defiantly not of this world but live someplace else , possibly in La La Land.

My bet is that Star is not to bright and judging from Stars spelling I know Star does not have a dictionary or has ever looked at one.
Spell check on Stars computer has to be the least used part of that computer. :lol:

Someone needs to have Star put a bumper sticker of it's flying saucer or space ship.

P.E.T.A......... People Eating Tasty Animals.


(PSST - I hope Star doesn't spell check your post, Chuckie. Jack stepping in, unbidden)


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
I reckon this iz the end. Randy got anuther email frum Star, but I think this iz over. You will see what Star wrote 'n what Randy replied.

It doen't take a colledge degree to decipher what is and isn't morally wrong. Do YOU eat squirrels and rock chucks? If you do you're either sicker than I thought, or a caveman.

Yes, Starr, I eat squirrels all the time. They are quite good, cooked the proper way, and you might like them were you to take the time to try them. Since I can’t find them in the meat department at the local grocery store, I have to shoot them myself. However, I have not eaten a woodchuck. I know people who have, but I’ve not tried them myself. Apparently, you missed the information on my website that tells you the author of each story on my site. Not all those stories are about me…..they are about like-minded airgun hunters from all over the world. It is clear to me that you are passionate about your beliefs, but you need to calm down and look beyond your misguided rage and take in the information that is so freely available on my website with a slightly calmer viewpoint. Since you’re only 14 years old, you really don’t have the life experience to judge others like you are doing right now.

For your information, although I an indeed sheltered,I do consider myself a fairly intelligiant woman. ( Well, not woman, on account of I'm only fourteen years old.) Oh, and secondly, I'm very impressed that you even read this, yet alone answered, with quotes directly from my email.It's a shame you didn't invest your analytical techniques to a differant perfession. ( yeah ,that's right- I spelled that wrong)Such as a lawyer, or an FBI agwnt. If you became one of those guys who examines dead bodies and tracts down the killer .( I'm disappointed. After all those Law And Order episodes I watched I can't even remember what they're called.) And that would really be killing two birds with one stone, exuse the pun, because you would be able to apease you need to see blood and other manners of grusome scenes. And you'd make alot of money, to, because really, who's going to buy a dead bloody rodent?

Well, Starr…..for your edification ( look that up if you need to ), it may surprise you to know that at one time in my life I did hunt people who broke the law. I never used a gun or weapon of any kind, relying only on my wits and skills I was taught. In the course of a three year period, my partner and I caught over 400 individuals. I’ve been to the emergency room twice (minor stuff), and thoroughly enjoyed making the contribution to society that I did. As for making a lot of money? Unfortunately, those who work in law enforcement don’t make near enough for their dedication to duty and for selflessly giving back to their communities. Again, your lack of life experience is showing in that assumption.

And do you really eat everthing you kill? If not then why do you kill them? And just because they're a ":lower life form" does not make them desevant of death! I mean, from what I gathered from your website, those woodchucks were inocently playing on the lava rocks, and even tried running from you as apossed to attacking you. ( And rockchucks do to chuck rocks, at least the one my friend encountered did.)

No, Starr…..I don’t eat everything I kill. I have many different reasons for the hunting I do. I eat the game animals I hunt, such as deer, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, and so on. However, much of my hunting is done for the elimination of pests. Do a little research on the European starling and the English sparrow, and you will find mounds of information of how they compete with our own native wildlife. They contribute to the spreading of disease, and are a plague upon farmers and ranchers in many areas of the country. Sparrows have killed my baby bluebirds in my backyard, pecking the young to death, and building a nest on top of their little dead bodies. If you don’t believe me, I can send you pictures of it. Starlings can and will do the same thing. I hunt coyotes because they contribute to the demise of many game animal populations, as well as prey upon the livestock of the area ranchers in my part of the country. And the rockchucks in the story you read on my site were hunted with the full knowledge of the landowners, many of whom grow crops that the rockchucks decimate. One of the groundhogs that I have personally shot was disposed of because it was tunneling under a building in such a way that it would damage the building over time. There are reasons for why we hunt, and you need to take some serious thought as to what they are before jumping to misguided conclusions.

Is it really neccesary to hunt your own animals? I mean you can buy them at the store, so if you kill them you must enjoy it. And if it's about the money, think of all you've invested in training and getting you license? I mean, even I know that you can't just go out into the woods and shoot deer. At least without being one of the greatest criminals in the world or going to jail.

No, Starr… isn’t necessary to hunt my own animals. I simply don’t understand why you think I’m a bad person because I do my own killing, while you and others like you who get their food from the store are killing by proxy, letting someone else do the work for you. As for all the money I’ve invested, you need to understand that most states depend upon the license fees provided by people like myself to fund their care of the outdoors so folks like you, who don’t hunt, can still enjoy viewing wildlife. If you truly enjoy the outdoors, you would do well to go and buy a hunting license every year, whether you use it or not. That way you can contribute to the management of the outdoors in your area. Someone has to pay for it, and so far, it has been hunters like myself that have footed the bill for others like you for a very long time!

By the way, can't you take a joke? I mean that was a hypathetical question. But I'm very flattered that you consider a fourteen year old girl of my stature capable of locating you. ( Youy could be halfway around the world) Purchasing a gun.( Illegal!)And a camera/roll of film. ( And that's alot of babysitting to afford that.) And successfully like killing you and taking pictures. I mean I only weigh abot 112- you could dropkick me, from what I've seen in you pictures. And by the way, I didn't know those were YOUR children. And I didn't knoe it was your personal website, beacuase people can post WAY worse stuff then a dead deer.I know you 're probably thinking, " Well, you should have gathered you facts before jumping to conclusions and throwing around livid acusations." But I could say the same about you, calling me dumb.

Starr…Starr….in future years, as you grow up, you will eventually come to understand the term “tongue-in-cheekâ€Â