Quetico Trip 06


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Mar 9, 2005
way down yonder
Friend cat,

I know what ya mean, but how bout jest findin' a good base camp on a nice, big lake 'n leave yer tents be. I liked that one with the view over the lake where yer eyes see too far. That way ya paddle round the lake in a empty canoe....go ta different places each day......mebbe set in camp 'n tell tales one 'er two days. That way there aint no need ta start paddlin' til 9 'er 10 am.....then ya git back round 3 pm. so the Coleman boys kin put on their aprons.

Reckon the jet boat fella would haul yer food out that the base camp, show up bout the time the paddlers pull in? That way ya kin eat bone in rib eye a few times. Cheese grits, eggs, bacon 'n pretzels ever mornin'.

The paddlin' geezers need ta bring a massage gal.....fer the sore 'n achy muscles.....stuff Ben Gay 'n B.C. Powder caint fix. I prefer blondes, but if Mac wont chip in less she iz brunette, that iz okay by me......jest az long az she iz good on the horse, the parallel bars 'n haz a good tumblin' program. 8)

paddlin' geezer canoe clud

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