REINDEER? Mayyyyybe

Kayak Jack

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Aug 26, 2003
Okemos / East Lansing Michigan
Hoof prints near my kitchen window. More hoof prints near my car. Santa season rapidly approaching. Hmm. Putting this all together, I get a couple of scenarios. First, Michigan white tail deer - deer that are present here year round - are simply roaming the area in search of food. Not an unreasonable guess.

Or, a much spicier guess - Dasher, Prancer and etal are scouting out my home area, ensuring that local rooftops can support the heavy loads of gift-laden sleighs that will be visiting my chimney.

Well, I know which scenario I believe. We good little boys are aptly rewarded. I'm looking forward to lots of toys. I'm sorry about you guys who have been telling fibs about fish you caught, etc. This is my year to cash in for being so nice, so honest. And. So humble.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Jack can have a valid point about the deer checking out the load capacity of his roof. The last thing they want is to get hurt with a roof falling in when they stop at his place with a heavy , over loaded sleigh.

A overloaded sleigh full of coal is mighty heavy. o_O