resin for repairs


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Now, I know this question relates to a big, gas-guzzling power boat, but try to overlook that and help me with the resin part of it.

I was hired to repair a hole in a big foated up with the storm surge and then settled on a pile in Mandeville during Katrina.....

I am guessing tht it is a polyester resin and glass hull. Can I patch with epoxy or do I need to use polyester to ensure adhesion and lasting success? In other words, willl epoxy BOND to polyester? Of course, the patch location will be ground out fresh, tapered and clean.

Thanks in advance for sharing your centuries of accumulated knowledge with me, a humble reader of this fine forum. Piper


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Matt, thanks for the tip. The boat's big enough I'll be on my back in the cradle working UP like Michelangelo in the sistine Chapel, and I only want to do it once.

Figured I'd taper the inside to minimize outside work, restrain the patch with an outside facing of non-stick flexible ply braced up to fit, and lay in a series of cloth patches from the inside, then grind as necessary to make it look good and to give me a visual check on bond/penetration, etc.

Rather be building your new yak, but if this works out, it will help to pay for that project ! My financial cosmos takes a lot of manipulation to remain in balance.

Thanks again.


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Mar 27, 2005
The group I paddle with have been patching polyester hulls with epoxy for years, some have been patched for over 20 years with plenty of rocky river abuse and have held up great!