Ripstop Nylon


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The other day whilst aimlessly looking for bargains at a local camping/outdoor store we came across a new range of tents in a heavy weight ripstop nylon.

My good lady touched it and immediately said "that's what we need"

Trouble is she wasn't talking about the tent, we want to design a custom camping trailer in the "why buy one when you can reinvent the wheel" way of thinking.

There will be 3 essential ingredients: ply, epoxy and nylon the first two I have found good supplies but I haven't found the nylon. Unfortunately the shop seemed to get a little anxious when I suggested ripping of a sample of the tent fabric for reference so I don't know how heavy it really is, all I can say is it feels like a light canvas in weight but was definitely nylon.

Any ideas/links to nylon supplies?


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I like to use Seattle Fabrics, myself. But, Rockywoods is another one that is popular with DIY'ers. Note that the 5 oz stuff at the top of the page is not coated, so it's not waterproof.

Something in the 4 - 5 oz range would be pretty heavy for ripstop. Most ultralight backpack stuff uses 1.9 oz. at the heaviest, but, that's not a concern since you're making a trailer.

Probably the Super K-Kote ripstop from Seattle Fabrics would be fine. It's 4oz. and coated, plus, it comes in seven attractive colors. :wink: