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Ron, Look! Brazos River News

Discussion in 'Paddling Rivers in Your Area or State for everyone' started by Bilgerat, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Bilgerat

    Bilgerat Well-Known Member

    An excerpt from today's Houston Chronicle:
    They are planning more public access to the river. There is more of the story and video, just POKE HERE.

  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see one of those unscheduled releases come down through when a local official was on the Brazos. Maybe THEY would get the attention of the damned dam operators.
  3. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    I smell danger fer the Brazos.....jet skis 'n motorboats. I hope they move fast.....with the protection, not the access spots.
  4. Bilgerat

    Bilgerat Well-Known Member

    The banks of the Brazos are very tall and steep in most places. Ever try to get a jet ski down stairs? :wink:

    There is already plenty of access for power boats nearer the Gulf, but as you go farther inland, the Brazos is not really a good candidate for stink boats.

  5. tx river rat

    tx river rat Well-Known Member

    Between the sand rocks shallow water jet skis and power boats don't last long up here.
  6. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    I'd be tempted to craft a few arrowheads and pick off jet skiers. Leaving moccasin tracks behind would start a few local legends.
  7. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    Whew! That iz good news. Mebbe some new access will be good, but they still gotta keep a eye out fer barbarians. They tend ta gather at the river access (when they kin hide), git rowdy 'n turn the place inta a dump. The one on the Silver Spring River a few miles above Joe's place made me wanna cry 'n shoot somethin' at the same time.


    The sun don't shine on the same dog's ass everyday. unknown
  8. Wannabe

    Wannabe Well-Known Member

    Yall don't worry bout those metal acess stairs. First good flood and the bank sloughs off and the stairs will be history. Ron will just have to dodge em when he gets to that part. :twisted:
  9. Paddletrucker

    Paddletrucker Well-Known Member


    That reminds me of my grandpa. I DON'T CONDONE OR RECOMMEND THIS, but it's funny. We were out in my Grandpa's little john boat, fishing, when the jet ski's began circling us trying to make really big wakes. They would come by, laugh, flip us off, and I really think they were trying to see if they could flip us.

    I got out my cell phone to call the Lake patrol....Grandpa got out a surf rod that he uses for big catfish below a power generation dam on the Arkansas river. It had a GIGANTIC weight on the line. Apparently, he already had it rigged for such an occasion. :? Grandpa is sort of like a marksman with that thing.

    Grandpa leaned back and hurled that weight into the direction of the wave runner just like he was casting across in front of a dam. The reel screamed, and Grandpa laughed in an evil sort of way. Next thing I hear is a 'thud!!!!!!!' on the side of one of the wave runners, just below the guys thigh. :| The guy riding looked over at us, very surprised. That's when Grandpa held up the NEXT rod/reel combo with the mega-huge weighted treble hook to show them. :shock: :shock: My Grandpa smiled and hollered, "This is my good reel!!" They decided it was best to grab a batch of gone and we never saw them again that day.

    He is a crotchety old codger, but I love him. I told him not to do that any more, so I don't have to go bail him out of jail. "I ain't going to jail for that. Heck, today, I forgot the .410 loaded with rock salt!"

    ....Good Lord....

    BEARS BUDDY Well-Known Member

    Rock salt don't gotta pentrate too deep to do its work :mrgreen:
  11. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Some of the people ( Old Timers) around here have a special bait for those nuts. It is a 30-06 brass with a round eye in where the primer would of been , then three large hooks in the end the bullet would of been set at third angles , the casing is filled with lead. Something easy to cast a long distance and if it misses the target then when retrieved it hooks the sucker .... "O"Ooop's fish and with a lighter line attaching it to the heavier line it breaks off leaving the plug (bait) with the sucker if it is really large and a real pain. Letting the fisherman recover his line without the bait attached.

    Needless to say , not quite right but they do make a good snatch hook when snatching suckers .... Dam .. I meant to say fish ( especially in a thick school of mullet) which they do quite well off a bridge or in shallow water when after something to eat.

    The beauty of it is they are legal to use in most places. :roll:

  12. leeh

    leeh Well-Known Member

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