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Safety or Common Sense First?


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I'm shocked and saddened by this. I wonder if there is more to the story than we are being told . And, was he wearing a PFD? piper

Illinois kayaker drowns after being attacked by swan
Published April 16, 2012
An Illinois man drowned in a pond after falling off his kayak when a swan attacked him, with his death ruled an accident Sunday.
Anthony Hensley, 37, was working Saturday -- as part of his job keeping geese away from a condominium complex near Des Plaines -- when it is thought he got too close to a swan and it attacked him, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.
The swan had been placed in the pond by the company Hensley was working for, in a bid to keep geese away.
Hensley was checking on the swan while in his kayak, but he capsized after the bird moved towards him.
Witnesses saw him come up to the surface a couple of times before he went under again and did not resurface.
He was pulled from the water by rescuers after about 45 minutes of searching, the Chicago Tribune reported.
He was taken in serious condition to Lutheran General Hospital where he died.
On Sunday, following an autopsy, Hensley's death was ruled to be from accidental drowning, the Sun-Times reported.

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Aug 25, 2003
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Sounds to me like he panicked when the Swan came at him.
I wounder if he had a PFD on which sounds like he did not have one since they never mentioned it. Also I wounder how good he was at paddling a kayak and his ability to swim. There is a lot missing to the story and questions that needs to be filled in.

He might of panicked and had an heart attack while trying to save himself.