Shakedown run in the Swamper


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Sep 9, 2007
South Louisiana
Took her out on her first fishing trip and it was a successful one. I used my old, ugly red stadium seat. Seat height was about right- maybe a little low. I have an interesting prototype seat in the works. :mrgreen: I slipped some pipe insulation over the cowling to deaden the sound from the paddle. I didn't put in any kind of tie-down points yet. I wanted to see what and where I needed them. As a temporary tie off I slipped a 1" spring clamp over the cowling. It made a dandy anchor tie off.

With a 3 lb anchor dropped over the side and a dip with the kayak paddle every now and then to pivot the boat back into position, it's a very workable system. A lot simpler than an anchor trolley. The open cockpit allows me to move my legs around for comfort. The positioning of the bulkheads allowed me to delete the foot braces. Sliding the seat forward and back over a 2" length is enough for me to get comfortable. There is just enough room between the seat and the rear bulkhead for my water bottle, sponge, small tackle box, etc.

All in all, she should be a dandy fishing machine.