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Snow Shoe 16'

Discussion in 'Boat Bragging Board' started by swampwood, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. swampwood

    swampwood Well-Known Member

    (2nd Time a Charm)
    15'-6" long, 36" beam, Weighs 38 lbs.
    Went to Orlando, Florida

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  2. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Reminds me of the Old Town Camper canoe I had.
  3. beekeeper

    beekeeper Well-Known Member

    Great job! :)
    Man, you have to get a better camera. Your pictures never do justics to your work.
    Maybe we will use my camera next time. My boats always look better in the pictures. :roll: O, wait, I remember I don't do close ups. :lol:

  4. mike

    mike Well-Known Member

    I like!

    I like it a lot!

  5. coast

    coast Member

    Nice job.
  6. texastom

    texastom Well-Known Member

    She's pretty. Do you know the weight? I'd also like to know your thoughts regarding build difficulty vs. a S&G if you've done an S&G, that is...
  7. swampwood

    swampwood Well-Known Member

    It weighs 38lbs. White oak ribs and cypress. The S&G's are easy to build, but they have a lot more finish work involved.
  8. swampwood

    swampwood Well-Known Member

    Thanks everyone. I am going to re-build the 14' I had finished before. I like the ladder rails on the 16' better.

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