Some Dam Good Beef Jerky.


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
I like to take some Beef Jerky with me when I go camping , it makes a good snack.
I have been taking the stuff you can locate in the grocery stores which is preserved with a lot of chemicals and lord knows what else. But it is or was my camping jerky till now.

I located some Jerky from Dukes and it is all natural. To top it off he has my favorite beverage included in one of his jerky's. The Honey Bourbon Beef jerky he makes.
As it says on the package All Natural, No artificial ingredients , minimally processed.
The ingredients are.......Beef ,Honey , Brown Sugar Contains 2% or less of water. Salt , Sugar,Maple Syrup , Natural flavor , Jim Beam Bourbon , molasses , spices Dried Onion , Dried Garlic. That's it , nothing you can't spell or pronounce. :wink:

Trust me when I say it is some really Good Beef Jerky because it is. :D

Main web site.

The honey-bourbon-beef-jerky ... eef-jerky/

Ordering is a little tricky , When you hit the SHOP logo it will take you to a different page and you will see three packages of Big's Seeds and one pack of the jerky. Look over in the right side and above the FREE SHIPPING you will see CATEGORIES....... Under the categories are Big's Seeds and DUKES Smoked Meats click on the smoked meats for them.