SS&G Questions


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May 13, 2014
Central Kansas and Central Texas
I’m ready to start my second S & G and first SS&G. Matt has drawn a TV 12 32, nothing wrong with the Luann TV 15 32 I can handle it ok at 43 pounds, I just want a smaller lighter “truck boat” for tight places, and short afternoons.

As I’m planning my build steps and reading all of your SS&G build posts, I’ve come up with a few questions and some of your advice may help make the build easier.

I have started lofting the panels on Luann and plan on full size templates for patterns. It looks like some of you are able to lay out from a reference line as you build, I’m not sure I have a good grasp on how to do that.

It looks like strips made from rough cedar 2’’ lumber will bend enough. Is there a reason to use 5/4 or ¾ boards instead, ie would the smaller width be easier to use?

I was planning to cut out all the knots; I’ve noticed some of you have left smaller knots. Is leaving small tight knots a problem?

I see several different methods of “clamping “the strips together and holding the curves to panel shape. Stapled to table, brads through strips of “lath”, and push pins. Some photos show use of clamps across the panel some don’t. I want to keep it simple, but also it must stay together. Do brads and lath or push pins generally need clamps for gluing pressure?

I see some references to wetting to shrink holes from brads or staples, but haven’t been able to determine if that’s necessary-- or how it’s done, i.e. immersion or just a wet rag?

Last question,(I don’t want to start a controversy) has any one used 3.25 tight weave on a SS&G? I have several 3.25 oz UJ’s out there with kids and they are doing good. After using the 6oz on the TV 15 32, I have no doubt 6 oz is stronger. Just wondering if SS&G and 3.25 oz is a disaster waiting to happen?

Thanks for all the previous advice and encouragement.



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Aug 26, 2009
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oldbuffpilot , 1st point using wider strips will be quicker, bur if you want the strips to conform to your curved panels, then the thinner (3/4'') will be easier to work with.
2nd small knots add character, sheathing will make them plenty strong.
3rd I have used push pins but now use 1'' brads, they are more secure and easily provide the clamping you want.
4th Swelling the holes can be done just using a sponge, it will not completely hide these holes but it can reduce the size, I now use the 10' rule,if it looks good from 10' away I'm happy.
5th 3.25 oz cloth will work, I use 8 oz tape on Outer seams, followed by 6 oz cloth due to the rocky rivers I frequent, I do use 4 oz for my dechs/bulkheads,and again 8oz tape inner seams.
On using reference lines I'm not sure I understand? are you referring to the quality control reference lines from the plans?