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Strip Canoe blown over wile still on the forms

Discussion in 'Canoeing' started by woodman, May 10, 2012.

  1. woodman

    woodman Well-Known Member

  2. tx river rat

    tx river rat Well-Known Member

    I had that happen on the Lady Bug
  3. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Really sad. Fortunately, wood can be repaired with epoxy and TLC. Afterwards, you get to reward yourself with an appropriate adult-type beverage (one of either the single malt, or bubbly-type.)
  4. ezwater

    ezwater Well-Known Member

    My eyeglasses are way overdue for an upgrade........ Does that read Stripper blown over wife still on the forms?? Do we have a family relations forum? :shock:

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