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  1. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Swimmers Ear.......

    This is something I learned way back in the dark ages when the wife and I were licensed / certified SCUBA Divers. It is something that the ones of you who can't keep the boat upright might want to know , listen up Bears Buddy an Jack. :lol:

    When the head goes underwater , water gets in the ear canals and most of will drain out , some doesn't and can cause an ear ache.

    When that happens most folks use Peroxide to wash out the ear canal , when the peroxide is done it leaves a water residue , or more water which puts you right back where you were.

    Take some Vodka and some White Vinegar , mix them at a 50 - 50 mix and rinse your ear with it , no more problems.

    I have mine in a bottle I got at the pharmacy and it has the squeeze top dropper with it , one or two droppers full in the ear , let it set for a minute or so then tilt the head and let it drain. Repeat the process with the other ear.

    The girls ( when younger) would go in town and swim in the pool , they would end up with a ear ache a day or so later so to avoid the doc's I would have them use this mix.

    Later ( as a prevention) I would have them use it when they got home from the pool , no more problems , nipped it in the bud.
    Needless to say , if the ache continues then see a Doc because it might be on the inside of the ear drum ( which requires medication ) ... not the outside.

  2. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    would rubbing alcohol do the same thing?
  3. sheena's dad

    sheena's dad Well-Known Member

    Rubbing alcohol was what my mom used on us as kids.

  4. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    There are poisons in it which might be absorbed into the body and is not recommended for consumption , external use only.
    The vodka is pure grain alcohol and can be consumed , under normal conditions it will not harm the body.

    A miniature bottle of Vodka is just about the right amount for the bottle I keep my mix in when added to equal portions of the white vintager.

    You don't need a gallon of the vodka unless you are inclined to a lot of spillage , like in a glass with some orange juice. If that is the case then it is taken internally , usually one sip at a time. :D

  5. JEM

    JEM Well-Known Member

    interesting. good info. Now just get yerself some moonshine and it'll all be alright!

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