"T" Kettle Soup ( Hot Dog Soup )


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Aug 25, 2003
Central , Florida
Back during the depression my Grandmother made this for her family and later my parents for us. I still make it for myself ( I had some yesterday ). It's cheap to make , easy to make , tasty and really filling.

1. Two cups of water.
2. Two hot dogs. ( All Beef )
3. One individual pack of the Goya Crackers. ( Original recipe used 4 of the large Sea Toast Crackers ). The crackers are crumbled up into smaller chunks/pieces. I break them up while still in the single serving bag. A hard cracker like the Goya is needed for this soup and I haven't been able to find the Sea Toast Crackers for several years.
4. One Half of a can of Stewed Tomatoes/
5. Salt and pepper to taste , I like lots of black pepper.
6. Optional.... 1 or 2 pats of butter.

The soup can be made with sausage , ( exact measurement ;) ) the amount is what ever you like. I use the Jimmy Dean original sausage. The sausage drippings ( optional ) can be left in the pot in place of using the butter ( optional ) .
When using sausage fry it 1st.

Hot dog method.....
I cut the hot dogs ( All Beef ) into small pieces and put them in the water then heat it up.
In a bowl I add the broken crackers , the butter , salt and pepper and then the 1/2 cup of stewed tomatoes. Next is the boiling water and hot dog pieces , mix it up , taste and add more salt or pepper if it's needed.

Camping ....One pot method.
Everything is done in one pot. Sausage then the water , tomatoes , back to a boil then the crackers , seasoning , stir it up and it's ready.
Hot dogs and water , then the tomatoes , backto a boil , crackers , seasoning , stir it up and it's ready.
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