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Talking About Boat Building


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Southern Paddler is a great resource for info about building boats that are manually powered. Lots of knowledge from a bunch of characters, me being one of them. :p

If you like boat building, I also invite you to check out the new . Similar format to the Southern Paddler with a main content page that has articles, and then a discussion forum. Open discussion welcome about any type of boat building from any designer. A great place to compare and contrast designs, techniques, materials, etc.

ABB is now run by Tony, a very knowledgable and friendly amateur builder and is not associated with one particular designer or company (like it was previsouly). There is some advertsing, including yours truly, but it's not intrusive or in-your-face. Tony works hard to keep good quality content and the proceeds he receives keep the site running.

So come on by and join in a discussion or start a new one.


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Thanks for the compliment! :D

ABB is a great place to compare designs since they don't sell any products except advertising space. One could argue that skews preference towards the advertisers but I honestly don't currently see that being the case over there.

I know on my board I do not like to compare my designs to others for 2 reasons: 1) Don't want to promote the competetion, and 2) it doesn't look professional to make bad comments about other designs. But ooooooo could I go on about a few of them! :p

ABB is like this board (minus the grits): All products open for objective and honest discussion. ABB just focuses on boat building only where as Southern Paddler talks about paddling and anything else that we're in the mood for. :wink:

Duckworks has a lot of neat designs. I love thier hardware section. They've gotten my money many times.


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Mar 27, 2005
Jack, I go there mainly for the hardware, they have the best prices I have found for most of it so far. p.s. Duckworks is a free site now.


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Dec 8, 2005
Queensland, Australia
Hi guys,

I bought my footbrace /rudder pedal assemblies for my wadefish from duckworks. Purchase price and shipping to Aust was cheaper than I could get anyithing over here. the service was fast and friendly and I have to tell you, these assemblies are the best I have ever seen. I will be fitting them to all my ruddered kayaks.