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Thank you!

Discussion in 'Pirogues' started by sheetsrep, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all the helpful tips in these forums and tell you a little about my build. I went on a fishing trip to Hunting Island South Carolina in Nov. While doing some research on fishing in the area I came across a kayak forum. Turned out there was a kayak fishing tournament going on at Hunting Island the same weekend I was going to be there. While doing a lot of walking and a little fishing I watched those guys paddle all over the lagoon. When I got home I did more reading on the kayak forum and about the tournament. Turns out the grand prize was a handmade Pirouge! (by paddlin4reds) Fishing from the kayaks looked like fun and building a boat sounded even better so here I am. I decided to go with the Uncle John kit and got stated on it a couple of weeks ago. It has been a blast so far and all the great info here has made it a pretty smooth build so far. Below are some pictures, I hope they are not to big. Ohh and one more thing..........am I the only one that wondered how this thing is going to hold a big butt above water?

    Butt Joint

    Scarf Joint

    Split a rib and and had to stop here one day

    Not sure if I saw this here but the pvc clamps worked great

    I was tired after cutting all those clamps!

    Thanks again, Brian
  2. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    This is where I am now.




  3. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    The pirogue is looking good and I would say your helper looks bored , better go for a walk or run , a couple of milk bones might do the trick if you are up to your elbows in epoxy. :D

  4. bearridge

    bearridge Well-Known Member

    Friend Brian,

    How many dang tractors 'n ridin' mowers ya got in that shop? Nice lookin' pal. :wink:


    ps Yer boat iz lookin' good too.

    You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!' Dave Barry
  5. jdupre'

    jdupre' Well-Known Member

    Sheetsrep, I have shop envy! Built mine under an open carport. You're doing a nice job. Keep up the good work.

    Now, I have to warn you about this boat building thing. It can get addicting. One of the reasons that some of us don't build as many boats as we would like is that we just don't have the space. With all that space at your disposal, you just might start turning out kayaks and pirogues two-a-week like tx river rat. :lol:
  6. islandpiper

    islandpiper Well-Known Member

    OK, great idea..........tie a baited hook to each of thos rings, sit back with a cold brew and drift.......yaaaa......

  7. Ozark

    Ozark Well-Known Member

    I like the pipe clamps, Schedule 40?
  8. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    My helpers name is Dakota. He was upset I woke him from a nap to pose for a picture. He doesnt get exited about much anymore he turned 12 this year. I am lucky to have a nice shop to work in. I work for a golf course(explains the tractors and mowers) and it is a little slow this time of year so I can make some space for fun projects. The clamps are schedule 40, 3". As far as the addiction goes look in the floor behind the boat in this picture.


    That's to more sides and a bottom 8) I made duplicates of the ribs and stems so I would have a pattern and thought to myself................. well you know. :lol:
  9. Allen Cessna

    Allen Cessna Member

    You are truely a craftsman. The people in this forum really care and can give good feedback. My favorite so far is "I cut that board 3 times and it's still to D*** short".

    I am new here; but as near as I tell, it is not against their rules to have more than one owner built boat.
  10. sheena's dad

    sheena's dad Well-Known Member


    Not against the rules... but fairly close to bein' a dang requirement!

    :wink: :oops: :roll:


    Beautiful work, friend. Great looking....
  11. sheena's dad

    sheena's dad Well-Known Member

    By the way....

    beautiful job on those scarf joints!
  12. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    WOW! Yakus Aeronauticus builds boats in a hangar, Mickus Austropithicus builds'em in a prison, Sheetsrep has a golf course barn... and I'm stuck here with this basement.

    So, I'm wonderin', WTH is a SHEETSREP? Do you sell sheets on commission?
  13. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the nice comments! Sheets is my last name and rep is for reptiles................Loooooooong story!I started using that user name years ago and still use it.
  14. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Thanks, sometime over an adult beverage, I'd like to hear that long story. Long stories fascinate me. (I sincerely hope it isn't the truth. BORRRRING!)
  15. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    How about "based on a true story" :lol:
  16. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    When you get with Jack for that drink and tall tail telling time , don't forget all the problems you had trying to be able to sign on and post things on here.
    That alone was a HORROR STORY till we figured things out. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Just like building boats , we will come up with the answer most of the time. :wink:

    Anyone having a problem , Please let me know , it might take a few minutes or a couple of days to correct it but we want you to be with us and join in the fun. :D

    If I am out paddling and camping then contact Jack or Oldyaker. I will be gone Dec 10th to the 14th... Celebrating my birthday ( today ) then , out on the river with some good friends. I'm sure there will be a trip report , just don't believe what you read. :lol:
  17. Kayak Jack

    Kayak Jack Well-Known Member

    Well, Chuckus Ancienticus, happy birthday!! 'Tis good to know that you're not so old that you would again forget your own birthday. I hope that you have an enjoyable time for yourself. After all - who deserves it more?

    And, Sheetsreptilicus, don't you DARE try to slip in anything either based on or inspired by a true story. Over two hundred years ago, Cap'n Meriwether taught me to always tell the truth - and I have ever since. I expect no less from others.

  18. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    Yeah it was an adventure Chuck, but thanks for getting it done. Ohh and by the way I just looked at the Suwannee river topic and (true story KayakJack) Bill Logan is my wife's step Grandfather. I have only met him a couple of times but I did not know he was "famous". Unfortunately last time I saw him was not a happy time.
  19. oldsparkey

    oldsparkey Well-Known Member

    Bill and I have a lot of river miles (Together) under our boats.

    To say he is a character , is an understatement , to say he is a lot of fun on a river ... That is something everyone needs to do at lease one time. With Bill along there is never a dull moment , no sir , never a dull moment.

    All of those are some long stories and most of them the guy's are still laughing about while reminessing the good times all of us spent together. Remember , I never said we don't goof up or make mistakes , that is part of the fun, actually all of the fun.

    Since Joyce passed away , Bills river time has been cut down to nothing since he has the pup's of his to care for , they are his Pride and Joy as , rightfully , they should be. Bill has a heart of gold and will do anything for you but he is as bullheaded ( At Times) as a billy goat but that is what we like about him.

    Like none of us would ever fit that description , anyway the latter part of it . :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Ya need to check out his web site. http://www.canoe-suwannee.com/ plus he build one really good looking stripper , he has the full article on his site.

  20. sheetsrep

    sheetsrep Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple of pics for you guys. I got the first one glassed........ I got tired of sanding so I started on the second one. It is a five rib monster :D



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