thanksgiving trip


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Feb 7, 2007
jesup, ga.
well went camping and hunting last week . was a bust I think this is the first time in several years I came home empty handed. had 2 deer see me before I seen them and beings now I am using a rifle on (WMA) instead of my old scatter gun cant really hit a running deer with the rifle. :( didn,t see no hogs this trip was really surprised. wifes cousin did get a few ducks.
was nice weather except for Tuesday when sparky sent the monsoon up our way. it rained ,rained and rained some more. good thing I had a big tarp over my tent and cook area. then came the hurricane winds that blew all night and the temps dropped. I think was it in the upper 20,s. wasn't no skeeters around as Justin would say I garan tee. :lol: :roll: had plenty of food didn,t go hungry. one thing about it I may not do anything thing else but I,m gona eat. heard the hoot owls ,coyotes at night . only seen 3 other people .all in all was a good trip. ready to go back.